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Buying Bitcoins with Visa is an easy process if you follow our simple “how to” check list. Our crypto currency exchange service allows you to spend funds from your Visa card and get BTC really fast.

  • Be sure you are up to date.
  • Before purchase.
  • 3 Main ways to buy BTC with Visa card.
  • Conclusion.

Follow the latest instructions only

The simpliest ways to buy crypto currency can be described with a few words. Following the history of the bitcoins, we created instructions for those who wish to buy Bitcoins with their credit card (Visa or Mastercard), but do not know how to do it. Attention: this article was published in October 2017, some data may changed.  For more current information, read our latest and more detailed instructions on how to buy Bitcoins with credit card.

Before purchase

Before you buy bitcoins, you need to make a wallet were you we will keep your crypto currency. Perhaps the most reliable way is to download and install a complex official client ( requires constant synchronization with the server), but many people use more simple and understandable online services – with their help you can spend money using phones, tablets and any other devices.

However, if the service is hacked, then money from users’ wallets will fall into the hands of intruders and back they will not return. We will not recommend any one service, so we list the most popular: Blockchain, Coinbase,  Strongcoin and others.

Also, you can always create and print public and private keys and store them in your safe or bank safe. You can use the alternative client Multibit (there are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac) – it does not require full synchronization.

Buying Bitcoins with Visa card: Marketplaces, Exchange site or Local deal?

There  are 3 main ways to buy bitcoins. The cheapest but the most difficult is MarketplaceThe exchange marketplace is

The cheapest but the most difficult is Marketplace. The exchange marketplace is online platform for trading bitcoins and other currencies.

Each participant of the exchange can replenish his internal account and offer others to buy or sell (this is called “order”) a certain amount of currency at a certain price.

The cost at which users agree to sell and buy bitcoins and make up his rate. The exchange rate is constantly changing depending on many factors – even a joke about breaking a crypto currency can ruin the cost of bitcoin by several hundred dollars.

The most convenient exchange for English speaking users are Kraken, Coinsbase, Beatstamp and others. One has to pass several verification procedures in order to be able to fund their account there. Some even request CV in order to allow you to fund your account there.

Some of them sometimes require a credit card scan and a few days to verify your data, so we settled on Qiwi, which means that we need to replenish the kiwi wallet, fortunately, it can be done without commission, for example, by transferring from Alfa-Bank or replenishment of the account through the usual terminal.2. After the money appears on our balance at the stock exchange (note that not always payments come instantly), you need to participate in the bidding. To do this, set the price for bitcoin, focusing on the current rate. If your price proves to be acceptable, after some time on your internal account there will be an amount in bitcoins minus 0.2% of the transaction – this is the commission of the exchange.3. If we do not want to play on the stock exchange, then it’s time to withdraw funds to our wallet, commission for withdrawal will be 0.

2. Exchange services

Exchange services allow you to convert money into bitcoin and back at the internal rate. This method of buying a crypto currency only slightly wins in the simplicity of the stock exchanges.One of the most popular and profitable exchangers is (reviews). At the moment he accepts Qiwi and Webmoney, and in either case the commission will be 4%. Please note that Metabank conducts payments from Qiwi manually from 10 to 19 hours.There are other popular exchange services: ALFAcashier,, wm-center.

You are free to choose, but always remember that before making any transactions you need to check the reputation of the seller, if you do not know how to do it – better to use one of the reliable exchangers.3.

3 Purchase directly from local dealers

If you are in need to buy bitcoins  you can try to find someone  who wants to sell you bitcoins locally and negotiate on exchange rate. Usually it will be slightly lower than the rate on exchange sites, and  both seller and buyer save on commission. First you will have to transfer the necessary amount of money or cash to seller, and in return you will receive the equivalent in bitcoins.


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