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Buying bitcoins is a tricky process. But after you found your trusted Bitcoins provider this process starts to be something common and easy. We will share some advices how you can get Bitcoins with your debit card.

  • Why it’s so common to buy Bitcoins with debit card?
  • Why debit card?
  • Possible difficulties.
  • Instructions for debit cards owners.
  • Conclusion.

Why it’s so popular to buy Bitcoins with debit card in 2017?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is constantly growing in price, and it is an excellent and convenient mean of investing and saving your money electronically. You can buy Bitcoins using credit card issued by Buy Bitcoins With Debit or Credit Card.

Visa, MasterCard cards systems with the help of exchange service. We offer many options for replenishing your account in the Bitcoin system.

The popularity and availability of debit cards for US citizens make the process of buying crypto currency easy and does not require any personal presence of a buyer in the office of the company. It is enough to register on our exchange site, sеlect needed amount of Bitcoins and that’s it: Bitcoins are landing your wallet! Visa / MC debit cards are very popular for buying BTC, but not all exchange sites allow you to use your card safely and at a favorable exchange rate.

Why Debit card? Isn’t it better to use my regular credit card for Bitcoins exchange?

You should see the difference between a debit card and credit card that helps you to make wise financial decisions. Both types of cards (debit cards and credit cards) are accepted at the same places. The visual difference is not noticable: debit cards all carry the symbol of one of the major types of credit cards on them, and can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted. Both types of these cards offer convenience. The main and the only difference between a debit card and a credit card account is where the cards pull the money.

A debit card deducts funds from your checking or saving banking account while an ordinary credit card charges funds to your line of credit. In the past many people it was very popular to have a credit card to complete certain purchases or transactions such as rent a car or to purchase of Bitcoins online. They also felt that it was safer and easier to travel or buy Bitcoins with a credit card rather than carrying cash or trying to use your checkbook. However debit cards offer the same convenience without making you borrow the money to complete the transactions. It can be difficult to determine when to use a credit card or a debit card. Some argue that a credit card offers additional insurance on purchases and makes it easier to request a refund or a return.

As stated above debit card represents funds that are available on your checking and saving accounts. These funds are not subject for any credit approval and using this money does not influence your credit score. It is better to use your debit card whenever possible, because it will prevent you from accidentally falling into the credit card trap. When you can pay cash for most items, you are doing better financially.

Process of buying crypto currency with debit card is the same as using credit cards. And buying Bitcoin is a profitable investment that allows you not only to save your money, but also to increase your capital. Buy Bitcoins conveniently with the funds stored on your bank account using debit card attached to it.

What problems do people face when they try to aquire Bitcoins or any other crypto currency with debit card

If you experience difficulty with the exchange in direction “Debit Card – BTC” please contact one of the operator of our site.. Our support officers will be happy to guide you on purchase process and answer any question that you may have.

Bitcoins is an excellent tool for investing, mutual settlements and other financial transactions. The exchange rate, the price of bitcoin in dollars, changes daily, and is made on the day of exchange. Distribution of crypto currency is getting more and more every day. The rate varies based on popularity of the currency itself, but not as much as under pressure from dollar. Therefore, if you have a desire to buy BTC from the card – you can do it through our exchanger The exchange process will take you  no more than 10 minutes of personal time.

How to use debit card during exchange process?

We describe you the most common practice of buying bitcoins with debit card now. The process can be devided into the following stages:

  • Log in to the site so that the exchange was registered in your personal statistics, and you could comfortably track the process of its implementation;
  • Read the rules of exchange in the chosen direction, where the rate and the minimum / maximum amount for one transaction between you and the exchange point are indicated;
  • Pay attention to the rules of converting from dollar cards through our payment provider. Clicking on the link for more details – you will learn in detail how the USD converts from bank cards;
  • Make sure that the reserve of payments for Bitcoin wallets is enough to fulfill your request for an exchange. Otherwise, automatic exchange will not work until the balance appears sufficient amount for its execution by our service. If the amount is not enough – click the “Notify about reserve” link and specify the required amount, as well as the email address of the mail. After the required balance is available in the reserve – you will receive a notification;
  • Now enter the amount of USD you want to exchange usig your debit card. The automatic calculator will display in the BTC field the amount that you will receive on the local purse, blockchain or other repository of bitcoins that you use; In the “To pay” field, the amount will be displayed, taking into account the commission of VISA / MC payment cards;
  • The last item to fill is entering the bitcoin address. Make sure that the character sequence starts at 1. Also enter the address by simply copying and pasting. Manual entry may cause errors; If you are not logged in, you will need to enter personal information, which is used to inform the client about the successful completion of the exchange.


Now you know how to buy bitcoin using your debit  card. Replenishment of the Bitcoins purses was a big problem due to the low amount of exchange services that allow customers to buy  crypto currency with the cards attached to their bank accounts. But due to recent growth of popularity our exchange service has done its job. And now you can get Bitcoin using the exchange office within 5-10 minutes. Choosing our service you allow you to enjoy the most favorable rates for the exchange of electronic currencies.


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